Dear Hearing Healthcare Professional

We are actively seeking professionals to join our network. Over the past 20 years millions of people with hearing loss have come to trust the TV Ears brand for reliable products, outstanding service and unwavering integrity. Many of these same loyal customers when asked said they would consider buying a TV Ears Hearing Aid if it worked as well as their TV Ears headset. 

Considering we have sold 2.5 million headset this is a great opportunity for our members. Yes we can sell hearing aids directly but our customers told us they would prefer to purchase TV Ears; headsets, OTC hearing aids and premium custom fit hearing aids from a hearing care professional in their community. 

This is why we are incredibly excited to announce the formation of the TV Ears Hearing Network and even more excited to invite you to join. 

When you become the exclusive TV Ears provider in your community you will benefit from our national and local advertising, innovative product line, millions of brand loyal customers, insurance contracts, financing plans and exceptional pricing.

Join now and  give your practice the power to compete with big box retail, direct to consumer hearing aid companies, manufacture owned hearing centers and third party organizations. 

Please join us. We would love to have you on board.


George J Dennis President & Founder TV Ears, Inc.